My Name is Hayden
and I'm a Developer

I'm currently based on the Island of Oahu, working full time as a System Administrator. In addition to this, I develop various items for clients all over the United States. My current hobbies include photography, biking, and working on computers.

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Since 2019 I have been taking photos of various things and people while I explored the communities around me. My recent move to the Hawaiian islands has provided me with another amazing place to explore. Some of my images can be found via my instagram.

Web Development

I have freelanced with a few smaller businesses who needed an introduction to technology. My clients have ranged widely in terms of field. Everything from Automotive to Housing & Industry. I'm always looking for a new project so feel free to reach out.

Systems Administration

Even before my professional introduction into systems administration I spent a large amount of time working on person cloud servers. Although this webpage is hosted via Firebase I selfhost nearly all other things that I use.

System Hardware

I have likely taken apart hundred of PCs and servers in my life, experienced with all forms of both PC and server hardware. I also have a large amount of in depth experience with Dell and the iDRAC ecosystem.


I've always been interested in different styles of Technology,
my experience covers a wide range.

  • Code

    Experience with
    Html // CSS

  • Back-End

    Experience with
    Linux & Bash
    Server Hardware
    Node and Databases

  • Cloud & Virtualization

    Experience with
    VMware & Proxmox
    Google Firebase
    AWS & Linode

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Reach out, I'm always looking for a new project.